Commissions & requests

Will you do commissions?

Nah, I'm not planning to open commissions.


Too much stress.

Okay, will you do requests then?

I often do things many people (especially patrons) have requested.


When do you post on Patreon?

The last day of each month.

When will the next public release be?

Typically at the beginning of every month, and sometimes another in the middle of the month.


You haven't answered my message?

I read every message and love every comment. I (try to) answer all messages on Twitter, Derpibooru and Patreon. On other platforms I'm not very active.

Twitter sometimes fails to inform me about new messages, so if I don't answer, send another DM.

Patreon doesn't send me a notification for new messages, so it may take a few days for me to notice.

Do you have a Discord channel?


I won’t draw:

  • Too weird/awful OCs.
  • Scat or other extremely repulsive fetishes.
  • Humans, I don’t know how to draw them.

I might draw:

  • Futas. I’m not into them but I don’t hate them so eh.
  • Males in general, as I don’t have much experience on them. Could definitely use some practice.
  • Popular OCs, or ones that I find interesting (probably not yours but you can try).
  • Mild violence. You know, like whip marks etc.
  • Some non-consensual stuff is fine, but rape is not really my thing.