You may not like it but this is what peak friendship looks like.

It’s finally fit for release, I think. I would had added more details and butt jiggle, but the lag towards the end was unbearable… I’m still not entirely satisfied with the shape of the heads, but it’s good enough, and I’ve figured it out for the more recent animations.

Btw, Fluttershy recently got a similar animation if you’re interested. 😘 It’s on Patreon now, and public in a few months time.

I won’t draw:

  • Too weird/awful OCs.
  • Scat or other extremely repulsive fetishes.
  • Humans, I don’t know how to draw them.

I might draw:

  • Futas. I’m not into them but I don’t hate them so eh.
  • Males in general, as I don’t have much experience on them. Could definitely use some practice.
  • Popular OCs, or ones that I find interesting (probably not yours but you can try).
  • Mild violence. You know, like whip marks etc.
  • Some non-consensual stuff is fine, but rape is not really my thing.