Kind of a sequel to the Twilight animation. I have since created another one of these music videos with Coloratura (public release in maybe 3 months?). Honestly, I'm a bit too behind with public releases, I'll try to catch up. Can't stand looking at these old animations :D they look so dated. disabled all voices while I was making this, so I was stuck with what I already recorded earlier, and couldn't quite do what I wanted plus it doesn't sound as good as it could... I really hope it gets more reliable.

And yes, the last one is inspired by this!

I won’t draw:

  • Too weird/awful OCs.
  • Scat or other extremely repulsive fetishes.
  • Humans, I don’t know how to draw them.

I might draw:

  • Futas. I’m not into them but I don’t hate them so eh.
  • Males in general, as I don’t have much experience on them. Could definitely use some practice.
  • Popular OCs, or ones that I find interesting (probably not yours but you can try).
  • Mild violence. You know, like whip marks etc.
  • Some non-consensual stuff is fine, but rape is not really my thing.